Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzards and Cabin Fever

It's official.  We had a blizzard in Kansas City yesterday.  The roads are packed with snow, winds were wild, and even my office was closed yesterday.

I should be excited, right?  Well this was like our third snow day this year (maybe fourth, I'm losing count), and I still need to get work done.  Honestly, no matter how much overtime I work at night, I still feel behind.  Don't get me wrong, I love spending time during the day with Jackson, but it's tough taking care of a baby everyday and working full time.  It can take a toll on you, especially when you can't leave the house.  Physically (baby likes to be tossed in the air now over and over) and mentally (multi-tasking meltdown). 

To help with the cabin fever, online shopping is always a treat.  Here are some fun finds that I can across...

Flexible Flyer Snowball Maker, colors may varyGhirardelli Chocolate Premium Hot Cocoa Mix, Double Chocolate, 16-Ounce Tins (Pack of 4)Sorel Women's NL1436 Cumberland Lace Up Snow Boot,Dark Tundra,7 M

What do they all have in common?  Snow day of course.  All the good things about a snow day that is...except my baby's smile is missing.

Oh, and if you didn't know, the first image is a snowball maker.  

A little reminder...don't forget to enter the giveaway this week!  Stay warm out there.


  1. Second snow day in a row here! You stay warm also.

  2. I've lost track of snow days here... the bad thing is I have to work no matter what since I work from home. I give you credit for having your son home with you - I can't do it (My company makes us get daycare too). I've had her home with me a few times for bad weather, etc... and it was hard to actually get any work done. I like the snowball maker lol

  3. It's so hard to get stuff done with him, but there is no choice! His school is closed :(

    Stay warm out there!

  4. Can't say I would use a snowball maker here in Florida LOL. Thanks for stopping by and following me. I'm returning the favor. I would love some snow days (missing work of course) but I'm not holding my breath