Friday, February 4, 2011

Date Night: Park It

One of the best ways to spend a Friday night is curled up with your guy (or gal) on the couch watching a movie.  At least that is the new date night for many of us moms.

My husband and I have streaming netflix through roku and it is a life saver.  I couldn't imagine driving out to the store every time we wanted to watch a movie (not to mention people don't practice redbox etiquette all that well).  Now I have to admit, there is some random stuff on's isn't all mainstream movies.  Last weekend I came across this PBS documentary called The Parking Lot Movie.

At first I thought "weird, no thanks," but then after taking a closer look at the description (and the high star rating), I realized this might be a gem of a flick.

The Parking Lot Movie

Over the course of 3 years, the producer films this parking lot close to a major university.  It features the guys that work there, their daily work routines, struggles with customers, and cosmic insight to life in general.  It reminded me of when I used to work at a sub shop in college.  There were always these seemingly smart adults working there that chose to be life-long "subbers."  Same with this parking lot.  Life-long "parkers."

Another common theme between the parking lot and my old sub shop is that we embraced authenticity.  We didn't care for jerks.  The general census was that mean people suck and we didn't put up with them. Sometimes I miss being around those old sub shop friends.

So if you are looking for a indie-flick this weekend, check this one out.  It may take you back to a happy time in your life too.

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