Monday, March 28, 2011

The Cheesy Egg Solution

Why is it so hard to figure out what to feed baby?  Oh yes, because he can choke on anything that is larger than a pea, and on top of that, he doesn't like everything we eat.  Lovely.

Introducing the "Cheesy Egg."  When Jack rejects his food, or is having a hard time with some food that I thought he would easily devour (like my homemade chicken noodle soup today), the cheesy egg meal is my back up plan.  I buy organic Eggsland Best eggs as I feel like are likely to be pretty good for him.  At least that is what the label says! Protein and vitamins, sounds good to me. 

Dozen Wooden Chicken Faux Fake Eggs Kitchen Decor Beige 

Add in a little organic shredded cheese, and you have yourself a great little meal.  It's easy to serve too.  He can take a pretty big piece of cheesy egg and mash it up with his two little teeth--I don't constantly worry about him choking. 

There you have it...cheesy egg.  Who says eggs are only for breakfast?  In my house, try breakfast, lunch, and once in a while dinner!


  1. Glad you found something he likes thats healthy! My daughter was a squash/sweet potatoes fanatic, when all else failed, they were my Go To!

  2. I make something similar for our little guy. I nuke some frozen broccoli in a little ramekin for about 45 seconds till thawed, then chop it up, crack an egg over the top, scramble and nuke again for a minute and 10 seconds and voila! Instant baby broccoli frittata cooked without any added butter and sneaking in some veggies while I'm at it. Baby Boy usually devours the whole thing.