Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Royal Wedding Day!


Yes, I am up watching the Royal Wedding on my television at 4:30am!  Why am I up so darn early?  I know that DVR exists.  There is something about watching it live people.  This is a historic experience and knowing I get to see it as it happens is so much fun.  It is also tradition!

30 years ago when I was a little baby, my mom got up to watch the Royal Wedding at 4am.  She was so excited to see Princess Diana's dress.  She always tells the story about getting up early to watch it, drinking her coffee and eating little donuts while us babies slept upstairs.  I love that story. 

So yes, although in different cities, my mom and I both have our coffee and little breakfasts ready to go as we watch the big event.  It's our thing.

With that little story, I hope you all enjoy your own little wedding tradition. Congrats to Willimam and Kate!  You make such a beautiful couple. 

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