Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Milk Man

The other day, Jack and I decided to take the jogging stroller up to starbucks for a java break. 
Once there, we decided to relax in one of the big cozy chairs and enjoy our drinks.
Me? Soy decaf latte.
Jack? Vanilla organic milk.
By the way mamas, those milks have tons of sugar in them! No wonder Jack sucked it right down.
Be careful...this is going to be a rare treat for my little dude from now on.


  1. sometimes I would rather sit down and sip a cup of Joe with my baby girl then anyone else. Even though she can't talk, she is my best friend.

    Love this moment!


  2. lol, good tip on the sugary milk. I let my daughter try chocolate milk for the first time last week and I knew she immidiately became addicted :)

  3. Aww so cute and what a great idea! Cute pictures. Julianna is just learning the sippy cup with the straw- Hopefully not too far behind on the little milk containers like Jackson is sucking down!

  4. Thanks all! Sorry my pics are uploaded all weird-like. I can't believe Jack is already drinking milk!
    Love these moments too :)