Wednesday, December 21, 2011

For the Love of Target

Because I have a toddler now, I have come to realize I cannot simply hit up any store for Christmas shopping.  I must be able to take Jackson in a stroller, or cart.  This means a lot of loved ones will receive gifts from Target this year.  Not all, sometimes I shop at night when he is asleep, in which case Amazon gifts may result.

My son's doctor said to me this month to never take Jackson into Target.  It is too overwhelming for toddlers.  I think I need a new pediatrician.  Target is great for toddlers.  He loves looking at everything and he gets a lot of attention from other shoppers that think he is cute.  The cart is so big too he can't see when I sneak a gift in there for him.

Target has just about everything a person needs for Christmas.  Last minute Christmas cards?  Check.  Tupperware for cookies? Check.  Toys?  Check, check, check.  Gift cards?  Check.  Essie nail polish for stock stuffers?  Check.  Big cart for toddler with hand sanitizer wipes?  Check.

They just make it so easy.  I guess their holiday campaign slogan rings true...


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