Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Now I'm Telling You

How come when you have a kid, no one tells you what you are getting into? My baby was born last May and I still can't believe how life has changed. Don't get me wrong, it is all fun and games with my little guy. It is just everything else I have to deal with that rubs me the wrong way.

Like how you start to resent you poor dog. And yes, he starts to resent you too.
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What happened to loving that super-hyper-crazy dog when he ran passed you in the hall on your way down the stairs? Well now you have a baby to carry down those narrow stairs! Last summer my dog literally knocked me over and I almost dropped my baby, Jackson. It was terrifying.

Now I know it wasn't my dog's fault, and he did feel bad. But when he is barking in my face for not taking him on a walk I secretly wonder if that push on the stairs wasn't just a little intentional...

Something else that sucks. My house is always a mess.

We try, we really do, to keep it clean. I've been told all across the mommy forums that in order to have a clean house you must be a stay at home mom, or hire a house cleaner. Well people, I can't quit my job. And, the fights with my husband over saving money by not hiring a house cleaner might be more worth it to me. So, my house looks like crap-o-la. Please don't ask to come over.

One last thought...mommy guilt. No one can possibly tell you how hard it is to say goodbye to your baby everyday when you go to work. The other day I picked up the huge stack of daily report cards I've accumulated from Jack's school. I started to tear up. But then my husband took them out of my hands and reminded me of why I Jack can go to college and be kick-ass! I like that.


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