Thursday, October 21, 2010

Collaborative Revenge

My baby and my dog decided to play this cruel joke on me last night. I'm not kidding. They must have plotted it because I decided to go to a happy hour after work (something I normally never do). Since they didn't get to spend time with me at the dinner table (the only time both are awake after the long day), they felt they should make up for it in the middle of the night.

Here is a recap of my night...

11:30pm. Mom's finally asleep. Baby rolls over and cries until mom rolls him back over.
3:30am. Baby rolls over and wakes up mom to roll him back over. When mom enters the room there is a huge smile on baby's face. Aww, cute.
4:00am. Baby rolls over again and calls for mom again. Screw it, here is a bottle of milk to put your butt back to bed. It usually works.
4:30am. Baby is asleep again. Ahh, peaceful sleep.
4:32am. Downstairs an echoing of "Bark, bark, bark!" reams through the house. Baby wakes up. Mom puts baby back to bed.
4:35am. "Bark, bark, bark!" again. Dad whistles to get dog to come back to bed. Scratches his head until he is tired and falls back asleep..
4:37am. Baby is awake again. Mom works her magic touch, puts two hands on baby's head and whispers "go back to bed sweet baby." It actually works!
5:00am. "Bark, bark, bark!" Are you freaking kidding me?
6:00am. Baby is up and ready to go. So is the dog.
7:30am. Both baby and dog decide to take their morning naps.
8:00am. Mom is off to work.

Now is a time when I would love to pull a George Costanza and sleep under my desk...


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