Monday, November 15, 2010

And the Award Goes To...


I have the best readers.
Skye bestowed upon me the Versatile Blogger Award...

*To accept this award, there are 4 rules*

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

Thank you so much to Skye at the First Time Mama - First Time Blogger. I think your blog has such a warm personality. I truly appreciate you giving me this award! Time to pay it forward...

2. Share seven things about yourself
(Some of you may already know this stuff about me, or maybe not!)

- I love being active. Jogging with my dog, doing yoga, and taking walks with the baby stroller are when I feel my best.

- I was not able to breastfeed so I became an exclusive pumper for almost 6 entire months (I was one week shy of my goal due to catching a viral infection). It was one of the hardest things I ever did, but it was an easy decision because it was for Jackson.

-We don't have cable. There is too much else to do in life.

-I have a good education. I have a B.S. in Marketing, a minor in Psychology, and a MBA with an emphasis in Marketing. Looking back I should have gone into graphic design.

- I'm a really loud drinker. My husband always looks at me like "do you have to drink that loud?"

-Take me to the lake or a beach and I'm in heaven. Serve me a cocktail and we are really talking.

-My husband and I are planning on having 2 kids. Secretly though, I wouldn't mind having twins next time. What a great way to sneak that third baby in!

3. Pass the award on to 12 bloggers you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic.

Here's my list of 12...
4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about the award.

Thanks for Reading!


  1. Thanks so much for the award! I will definitely 'accept' it via a blog post some time this week!

  2. Aww congrats and thanks for passing it on to me! =)

  3. Thanks so much for the award!! I'll post about it later this week. I am traveling for work the next few days.

  4. Thank you so much! I will make very sure to blog about this tomorrow and pass it on!! I am very excited!

  5. Thanks so much for this award! It's my first! =) I've accepted it and already posted about it. You are a life saver, because I had NO idea what to blog about today, lol!

    Thanks again!

  6. You all are the best! Cheers to new and great blogs!

  7. Holy Cow Batman! Thanks!!!!!! I was just stressing about posting things that are going to be interesting enough for others to that I have followers! I am my own worst critic! Thank You again!

  8. Congrats and thank you so much, Karen!!!:)

  9. Ha ha~ funny- we gave each other the same award... Thank you!