Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Hats!

Happy Friday! Let's talk about something fun today.

Now that there is a chill in the air, break out the cute and embarrassing baby hats.

Jackson has all kinds of baby hats. Everyday we walk Jack to school and we put on one of his hats.

Lately he wears his newspaper boy hat...perfect for a fall stroll to school


When he is a bit naughty, he wears his devil hat. I'm not sure if the church ladies at his daycare appreciate this one too much.


And finally when it's super cold, he wears his knitted hat. A volunteer at his daycare made it for him. Isn't that too sweet? I'm hoping to learn how to knit baby hats myself really soon.


I'll make sure to post my future creations online for all to see (and maybe even shop for too).


  1. I am a baby-hat-aholic. Those are so cute- love the devil hat! Haha! I could seriously buy a hundred hats for my daughter. I think babies in hats are just the cutest. The cuter the hat, the better it is too! Good post!

  2. Thanks Skye! I couldn't agree more!

  3. Hi! I had to come visit my 100th follower!!! I LOVE the hats! do you crochet? I have a giveaway going on till Christmas. 1 winner every Friday gets a free crochet hat pattern from speckeledfrogcrochet on etsy- you should enter!

  4. Adorable! I wish my kids would have worn hats whenever they were babies. But I think they yanked them off as soon as I put them on their little cute heads lol.
    By the way, I'm following you back :)

  5. Oh my geez, your child is cute! Mine isn't even born yet and she has a corduroy leopard print bucket hat that I can't wait to get on that head!

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