Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Denial: Getting Through It All

Happy voting day. Hope everyone is able to get out and vote!

Sometimes I really feel like "hey, this work/life balance act is pretty doable." Well, this week is not one of those times.

I have so much on my plate it isn't even funny.

Here is the everyday action item list:
-work. There is lots to do and I'm feeling behind
-pump so my baby can eat. It's no small task people
-pick up baby on time from daycare
-work out so I don't get fat (just got rid of all the baby weight)
-try to keep my house semi-clean so I'm not disgusted to live in it
-laundry, laundry, laundry

Here is my big action item list:
-car accident repairs (see post from last week)
-2 showers are broken--plumber or husband to fix?
-call the plumber that did a bad job the last time and yell at him
-kitchen ceiling needs to be fixed--learn to drywall. seriously?
-paint the ceilings
-all other little repairs on the house so we can move

Yes, this list could drive any mom crazy, working or not. But you know what I do to get by?

image via motifake.com

Denial. I can honestly say I'm in it constantly after having my baby. Denial gets you through the day, am I right? By being in denial about all this stuff that piles up, life can be, dare I say, blissful.

What you do is rip it up your list (or mental list), throw it into the fire (or mental fire). There is no way to get it all done today so why even try? Pick up your favorite hobby (I enjoy knitting) and play for a while.

Once I forget about my list, I write down one task. That is the one thing I'll focus on for the day or next couple of days. Eventually something gets done.

If not, I'll have a lot of pretty scarfs to sell online. And yes, my online store is coming soon!

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