Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Isn't for Babies

Happy Monday to everyone.

Just like every other proud mom out there, I must show off my baby's Halloween costume. First, thank you to Carters for making my little guy's snazzy green monster costume. I didn't have to sew a thing--a working mom's ideal situation, right?

He was so scary. You can almost hear him rawr!


I have to ask the question, why do we dress our little babies up anyway? This spooky holiday isn't for babies after all. Did my baby like Halloween? Absolutely not. He didn't get to eat any delicious candy.

Did he like his costume? No. It scared him when he looked into the mirror and I'm pretty sure he was hot in it (as the picture indicates).

Could he say trick-or-treat? No, but he let out a couple of good screams yesterday.

Did mom like Halloween? Absolutely. Any excuse to dress up my baby and I'm all about it. Even the extra crying was worth it.

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  1. All holidays are for the parents when they are young lol. I have no shame in admitting that yes we roll around the neighborhood collecting candy that I am going to eat just cause I want to show off my children :)