Monday, November 22, 2010

Early Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to blog about food.  Yes, this week we are going to talk about food everyday in some way shape or form.  Yum.

Thanksgiving can be such a fun holiday to share with family. Growing up I didn't realize how lucky we were to have both sides of my family in the same city.  We would see everyone for every holiday.  That doesn't always happen anymore since our family is spread out, but we do what we can to get together.

This year, I decided to have a little early Thanksgiving with my in-laws at our house.  It was a great time.  And yes, I cooked.


Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking..."wow, that looks amazing."  Well let me tell you, it was.  The secret to my success?  No stress cooking.  Make something that looks hard, but that is actually really easy.

This was a stuffed flank steak with root vegetables.  The thing I love about flank steak is it is very tender and yet very affordable.  I paid $15 for the steak and it fed 4 people comfortably.

To make this dish, I used my meat hammer to pound the steak until it was really thin.  I marinaded it overnight with salt, pepper, and Worcestershire. I made 2 cups of dressing (mixed 2 cups of dressing with hot water & 2 tbl spoons butter).  I spread the dressing on steak, rolled up the meat, and tied with cooking string (a husband's finger may come in handy here).  I baked the steak at 350 degrees for one hour in a 9x13 cooking dish.  Then it was done and delicious.

The root vegetables came in a bag and I just steamed them for 15 minutes. I used the same streamer I use to make baby food!

Of course I had other sides like mashed potatoes, holiday salad, and rolls, but I didn't take any pictuers because it was all eaten so fast!  Ha!

Finally, wine.  Don't forget the wine.  

Happy early Thanksgiving.

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