Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flowers at Work...Brighten Days

I simply love flowers. They are beautiful and make life seem sweeter.

Getting flowers at work is something else. They are better than a vendor bringing in chocolate, better than a free lunch, and even better than free beer at work (yes, I work at a pretty casual place). Flowers mean someone cares about you. And that feels good.


I recently got flowers at work (and some sinful candy) for my birthday. They were from my super sweet co-workers.


I think I'll get them flowers sometime too. Perhaps their next birthdays.

My husband sent flowers to me at work once a long time ago. That was a great day. Walking back in from lunch, seeing that big beautiful bouquet at the front desk, and finding out they were for me...whoa! Hello, brownie points.

Another idea is a flower club to bring some color to a stag work environment. One person in the club buys a big bouquet of flowers at the beginning of the week, breaks it up, and gives each person in the club some flowers.

I know, like any working mama has time for that. But, the idea is kind of nice.

Heck, maybe us working moms should stick with the plastic flowers. I have some that even look kind of real (thanks to Hobby Lobby)! Something is better than nothing!


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  3. Flowers are the best- it does make me happy! I often buy fresh flowers for our coffee table and it brightens up the room and makes me smile! :)

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  5. I love flowers . . . when my plants are flowering I always have fresh flowers in the house.

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