Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give Thanks for Different Baby Food Flavors!

It's Thanksgiving Eve!  More food, more fun.

I'm really pushing the baby food on Jackson.  He isn't a huge foodie just yet, so I've been trying different flavors (and yes, I've been waiting 3-4 days between foods per the rules).  I'm thankful for all the different kinds he can try at this age

So what have I tried?  More like what have I not tried.

I bought this new steamer basket at Target and I'm going to town with it.  It was pretty affordable, like $8.  I can't believe how incredibly easy to steam veggies for baby food.

Recently I made some steamed carrots for the little man.

cooking carrots

I just opened a bag of those pre-peeled baby carrots, washed them, and tossed in the steamer basket.  Yes, you really should wash them even though they say they are already clean.  Sorry lazy people.

Then I tossed them in the food processor.  Spin it up.


And finally into the ice cube tray (each 1oz).  Hey, they look like sweet potatoes!  Better mark the freezer bag they are going in. 

It made 12oz (I used one cube for that night's dinner). Mix with some breast milk and some barley or oatmeal and you have yourself a complete baby feast.  You can't beat the cost too. 12 meals for $2. Yea for the super saving mamas.

Another food I love is banana.  I am hopeful (wishful thinking?) that Jackson will eventually feel the same way after he gets over hating food.

The other morning, Jackson and I had breakfast together. I smashed up a fresh banana for both of us. He had rice apple cereal and banana and I had yogurt and banana. Oh yumo baby. He actually kind of liked this combo too.  I think he ate like 5 bites.  Now that's a lot for my little guy.

I made some banana cubes the other day after breakfast. I used the food processor again and it got the banana all creamy.  This could even make a good smoothie if I was so determined.


Into the cube tray again. They are kind of brown when you defrost them, but mix them with cereal and breast milk and it's all good.

ban cubes

One large banana made about 10 oz (again, I used 1oz for a meal that same day). I think a large banana is like $0.69. Double yea for those super saving mamas. Seriously, yea, yea, yea.

Now, if I can only get Jackson to eat more than 3 bites of food at each meal. Maybe Thanksgiving will help him get his foodie on.  I would be extra thankful if that happened!


  1. Good job Momma! My kids were always big sweet potatoes fans. They always tell you start with rice cereal, but I've never been able to sell plain rice cereal to any of my kids, but I can't say I blame them... have you tried that stuff? Cardboard! My first kiddo was slow to take to baby food, and then eventually gobbled me up out of house and home her first year. My 2nd kiddo never really took to baby food ever, and didn't really start eating until we introduced table foods. He started eating then, and hasn't stopped. :)

  2. Good job with making your own food. I was determined to do it myself and then I realized that I just didn't have the time or the energy to do it with working fulltime... I give you tons of credit- good job!! Looks great!

  3. Thanks ladies! I don't think it is too bad when you make 1 big batch of something on the weekend and then freeze it all up. Then during the week I just whip out a frozen cube and serve it up.

    Yes, that rice cereal is so bizarre. I really only feed the baby oatmeal and barley!

  4. Keep up the great work, Karen! I loved making baby food and even found some new favorites of my own! Enjoy it. It is a very special feeling, isn't it? I love the blog, by the way. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. You've just inspired me to try making my own baby food. I didn't think it would be so easy! This might sound like a stupid question but how to do you defrost it? Microwave? Just thaw it out? lol

  6. I love this! I learned something too! I didn't know you had to add cereal or breast milk to the food to make it a meal. Awesome! I just need a (bigger) food processor and some ice cube trays! Thanks for this!

  7. TB- You just put the cube in a microwave safe bowl and defrost it in the microwave. It must get really hot and then cool it down again. I sometimes put in cold breast milk to cool it down and that works great! You could of course do the same with formula.

    I'm so glad I've been able to help out with your baby food adventures!