Friday, December 10, 2010

Naughty & Nice Work Christmas Parties

Finally it's Friday!  Tis' the season for work Christmas parties.


We are attending two, that's right, two work Christmas parties this weekend. One will be a little naughty, and one will be a little nice.

My husband's work party falls in the little naughty category.  We drink, gamble, and play some type of big group game where everyone wins a ridiculously expensive gift.  And it is ridiculously fun.  In the past years I've won a case of wine, an expensive purse, $500, and an iReader.  I wonder what we will score this year?


Yeah right!

A little my work Christmas party we are having it downtown in a theater.  Typically there is swanky wine and fancy fare.  Everyone wears a cocktail dress, well, not the men of course. 

Maybe I'll wear something extra sparkly this year...



Yeah, I wish!  I'll probably wear something more like from Forever21.

Both nights Jackson will be in bed, resting his sleepy little head while mommy and daddy play.  Now, if I could just figure out how much to pay the babysitter...  Is it $10/hr these days?  $12/hr?  Anyone? 

"The Office" and "Car with Bow" images via Google images
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  1. Wow. Your husband's party sounds like a blast! Recession, what recession!?
    Our company stopped doing Xmas parties several years ago ... so much for my fortune 300 company!
    As for the babysitter... depends on the area you live in - where we are, they as for up to $15 an hour (LOL) ... but where my sis in law lives in upstate NY, they get $6 an hour. Hmmmm. Mine gets $7/hr but thats b/c I know her real well.

  2. Sounds like you guys will be having a lot of fun. Hope you get a lot of cool prizes!