Thursday, December 2, 2010

Random Thought: Forget Cleaning

Nope, this isn't a joke.


These are actual pictures of my home last night.

No, the family is fine.  Our house was not broken into.  We are just busy.  Too busy to clean apparently.

I hardly let anyone inside my home these days, much less post these types of pics online.

But tonight I felt compelled to post these pics.  It's time to not be ashamed of that awfully messy home.  I'm proud of mine.  It symbolizes all the hard hours I put into my job so I can provide for my family.  If you are a full time working mom and dad like us, you don't have time to be a house maid too.  That is just unreasonable.

And no.  Your little one will not remember these days of living in a messy home.  They will however remember all the love you gave them and they will (hopefully) appreciate how your hard work allowed them to go to college.

See in my mind, that is more important than having a clean home.  Or at least I'll keep telling myself that instead of cleaning.


  1. Girl ... I hear ya loud & clear about the cleaning! You should see my house sometimes. Julianna comes first always! :)
    The only thing that saves me is I am anal about not going to bed with a messy house, so I always try to straighten up a little bit before we go to bed. I am trying to talk my husband into getting a cleaning lady ... almost got him hooked. It would make our lives soooo much easier! :) Then we can have a clean home and a baby that gets lot's of love!! hehe

  2. I tried getting a cleaning lady too--I found one that charges $25/week. That would be amazing. However, my husband put a stop to it and said he would clean more. Well, I still find myself doing most of the house cleaning so a lot of times it is just a mess until the weekends!

  3. It really DOES sound like we have a lot in common!

    They are only little once, better to enjoy it and be engrossed in your child than in housework.