Monday, January 24, 2011

Get Great Deals on Used Stuff

I absolutlely love baby clothes.  Dressing Jackson up everyday is so much fun, especially if all the laundry is clean and there is a huge variety of outfits to choose from.  Well it's been a little tougher to play "dress up" with my baby lately.  He is growing so fast and those baby clothes just don't fit after a while.

Like many moms, I have to pay for daycare and it isn't cheap.  It leaves very little leftover dough to buy fun outfits for my baby, let alone for myself!  Yes, I'm the girl at work that wears leggings three times a week.

When Jack's pants are looking a little short, I tend to stop by a used clothing store in town call Children's Orchard.  They have locations throughout the U.S. and I find the most adorable, affordable clothes there.

I know what you are thinking, used clothes are gross.  Well these are "barely" used or "not" used at all.  I was able to get Jack a Gap winter coat for $4 and then last weekend I got him 3 pairs of pants for $11.  And none of the clothes smell bad!  One pair of pants were even I just need to find him a gold chain.

They also have gently used toys at Children's Orchard.  Jackson loves to play the xylophone at school.  When I came across this alligator xylophone on wheels for $5 I snagged it.  At Target, I've seen similar ones for $25!


He played with it the rest of the weekend, although I think he liked putting the stick part in his mouth more than the musical part. 

Another great thing about this place is you can sell back your stuff.  After I'm done having babies, I'm totally going to take all of my gently used clothes and toys there.  Not a bad way to get a little cash back.


  1. Yes yes! Used is awesome. I have to tell you, before I had Julianna, I never would have considered buying any child of mine any used baby item. (insert here!)
    Well... I have totally changed my tune! I have bought used clothes, toys, books, etc... on craigslist & at our local consignment shops. It's the best idea ever. I agree! (Although I am thinking I may not buy a used mattress, that gives me the heebie-jeebies!) The shop you mentioned doesn't have any locations by me- bummer.

    FYI * Check out Thredup when you get a chance, it's $15 (incl ship) for a box of baby stuff no matter what it is - I just joined, sounds great.

  2. Oooh, I'll def. check that out. i love online shopping too...saves so much time!