Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bye-bye Bottle Washing?

I absolutely hate washing bottles.  If I never wash another bottle again it will be too soon.  I'm ready, I mean, Jackson is ready for a change....

Introducing the sippy cup.  Jackson has started to use them.  Well kind of.  He has been chewing, sucking, and tossing sippy cups.  I guess you can call that "using" them.

I bought these Playtex ones at Target and they are ok.  I feel like he isn't sure how to get the water out, or maybe he doesn't really care about the water.  He is all about the soft chewy plastic.  He craves it. Oral fixation problem perhaps? 

Playtex The First Sipster Spill-Proof Cup 7 oz - 2 Pack (Colors Vary)

Any advice out there on how to get my little guy to actually drink out the sippy cup? Dreams of not washing bottles are hopefully in my future.  Maybe I'll just have my husband wash them from now on and then it will be more like the near future.  I have to give him credit, he actually washes them a lot.  I'm a lucky gal.



  1. I can't wait until Marshall is using sippy cups. I hate washing bottles every night. I feel like they multiply :)

  2. I am currently going through this same thing ... trying to get julianna used to the sippy cup. I heard it was good to try different brands. Funny b/c we got those same playtex ones first. Jul actually did figure it out after a week ... but I read that the NUBY cup got the best reviews b/c the sippy part is like a bottle nipple. We bought a Nuby and sure enough, it's sooo soft and is very much like a nipple, and Julianna seems to like it. Try other ones too - maybe you'll have better luck. Those playtex cups seemed a little hard now that I have the Nuby. (not the one with the straw, it's the one with the 2 handles) hehe

  3. So good to know. My mom gave us a Nuby for Christmas in Jack's stocking. I'm going to try it tonight!

  4. Stopping from Mom Loop! Sometimes they have different ways to plug in the flow controller maybe it can be set up for an easy flow.

    We loved the Tommy Tippee cups.