Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girl Scout Cookies Galore!

Welcome to girl scout cookie time.  Oh how we long for this time of year.  I don't know what it is about these little cookies, but they are freaking delicious.   What are some favorites?

Hello Thin Mints.  You can't eat just one.  I like to freeze these up and put them on vanilla ice cream.  That's if there are any left to freeze. Once they get in the house, they go pretty darn fast.

Tagalongs.  This cookie has this name for a reason.  The fat content is so high it "tagalongs" your butt after you eat them.  Just like an annoying tagalong in real life, I try to keep my distance.

We tried the "thanks a lot" cookies this year.  I would like to say "thanks a lot" to the girl scouts for finally putting fudge on a shortbread cookie.  Plus, I learned some Chinese while eating them up.

And then there is shortbread.  I like these old-timey treats with tea. They make me feel kind of old myself.

Now, if you are trying to cut back on the calories but want to participate in all the cookie fun, check out this crazy girl scout cookie fabric on  Sewing a big cookie pillow may be a great way to stay busy and stay away from these sweet treats! 

44'' Wide Girl Scouts(R) Cookies Pink Fabric By The Yard44'' Wide Girl Scouts(R) Cookies Fuchsia Fabric By The Yard 

It's just about $9 per yard.  In girl scout terms, that equates to 2 boxes of cookies.

So while on the subject, what is your favorite girl scout cookie?

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  1. I love Thin Mints. Devoured a sleeve last week. Yum.