Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Redbox Etiquette

I absolutely love redbox.  The convenience, the price, the online reservations.  Yes, especially the online reservations.

Now, there are a few things I don't like about redbox.  There is always a line.  The reason is because there is only one touch screen interface for renting and returning movies.  People like to scroll through every movie until they figure out what to rent.  And, it takes forever.... 

Obviously redbox should create an interface for renting movies and one for returning movies, and perhaps even one for picking up online reservations. Until then, I think people should practice what I call "redbox etiquette."


Prime example on why we need some redbox etiquette rules:

Today I made my online reservation and went to pick up my movie.  I waited in line for at least 10 minutes while a mom let her 7-year old kid scroll through every single movie on the touch screen. It was very cold outside.  She stroked her daughter's hair and made compromise after compromise with her child until they both agreed on a movie. It was seriously obnoxious. 

What could have helped?  Introducing my guideline for redbox etiquette:

1) Rent onilne.  Plain and simple.
2) Okay, so sometimes you are out shopping, and didn't make an online reservation.  Have a plan. Review the movies on the board and decide what you want to watch before using the touch screen.  If your movie isn't available, just leave. 
3) If you know you are going to be a while, ask the people behind you if they have a quick return or pick-up.  Review the board while they do their transaction. 

If we all just practiced redbox etiquette, the world would be a happier place.  Ha!

Happy movie watching.


  1. Oh I hate it when all I have to do is a return and people take forever picking out a movie as the line grow longer and longer behind them. Seriously, how can you hog the machine for 10+ minutes when there's a line as long as the great wall of china behind you?? lol.

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