Monday, February 7, 2011

Give Me Drama

I love drama, well, not drama in my life.  I actually hate it when there is drama in my life--in fact I avoid it like the plague.  But, I absolutely love watching drama on t.v..  It's about all the drama I can handle.  When the baby is in bed and you are all done with work or whatever for the day, there is nothing like a hot cup of tea and a good juicy drama filled evening.  Unfortunately my hubs doesn't always feel the same way.

I have discovered that since having my baby, I have transitioned from loving the saucy single doctor dramas to more of the dysfunctional family dramas.  Has this happened to anyone else?

Two of my favorite shows right now easily include Brothers & Sisters and Parenthood

Brothers & Sisters has the perfect mix of annoying women and gay men.  The mom is always in everyone's business like there is no tomorrow.  That Holly character is a treat.  Did she used to be a man in another life?  Her voice, my lord.  Justin seems like such a wimp to me.  Sarah has a horse face in my opinion (Luc is a sweet treat though).  Kitty needs to eat a sandwich.  I like Scotty even though he is a cheater.  No, I haven't forgotten that yet.  May I ask, what family has that many dinners together?  I would like to know so I can be invited sometime.   Mmmm, they are always making roasted chicken.

Brothers and Sisters - The Complete First Season

Now what about Parenthood?  I just started watching the show this year and am already hooked.  Each week I can't wait to find out if Hallie's parents are going to let her date that alcoholic.  I also want to know if that young CEO is going to ruin that shoe business since he is always eating "edibles."  I want to live in the grandparent's house too.  I bet the grandma has some good tea on hand.

There is nothing like a good dysfunctional family drama to make you feel good about your own life. 


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  1. Yes, I completely agree. I haven't seen brother's and sister's yet but I've been watching Parenthood from the beginning and I love it. It has the perfect balance of drama and comedy. I think Hallies parents are gonna let her date Alex and I think that young kid is going to change the company for the better.