Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Day at the Zoo

Last Saturday, my parents and I took baby Jack to the zoo for the first time in St. Louis!  It was a hit!

It was a very crowded day at the zoo, but we didn't care.  Since I plan on taking Jack there a lot as he grows up because we visit so often, I didn't mind the fact we couldn't see everything.  Plus, the zoo is free so it's no problem going multiple times a year.

Here are a few animals that we did see...




The animal that got Jack's undivided attention were the black bears.  I think they reminded him of his puppy dog at home, Rooney.

I love the zoo in St. Louis because I went all the time with my family.  It gives me great memories that I want Jackson to have too.

For anyone that is looking for a fun way to spend the weekend, I highly recommend the St. Louis Zoo.  It's such a fun family experience.  In addition to animals, there are fun gift shops, flowers, a train, a carousel, and even beer!  Yes, I had a beer at the zoo of course.

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