Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Road Trips & Crying Baby

Wow, what a weekend.  We had so much fun on our road trip to St. Louis.  The only part that was a little rough was the last hour of the ride home.  Jack had been sleeping the entire way and then he woke up....

What is the game plan for a crying baby in the car when you are all alone?

1) Sing songs that he likes...some of Jack's favorites include little tunes I've made up with his name in them like "Baby on the Run" and "Oh Look at that Baby in the Window."  I know, I'm weird, but it is more fun than singing him the same old boring songs.

2) Toss back new and fun toys for him.  Jack especially likes toy cars...tossing back binkies isn't a bad idea either.

Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies All About Racing 

3) When all of that doesn't work, try the "you cry, I cry approach."  Now, I'm not a huge fan of this approach but it worked for a bit.  Jack would let out a cry and then I would let out a cry.  Sort of like an echo.  For some reason, it seemed to make both of us feel better.   

4) When all else fails, take a break.  Pull over and give your little guy a hug.  It won't get you home any time sooner, but you might just both feel a lot better.

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