Friday, April 1, 2011

Road Trip with Baby & More Food

Jack and I are hitting the road today for St. Louis.  Daddy is staying home to do the taxes and work on the bathroom the weekend.  I expect to see some progress when we get home on Sunday, ha!  Wishful thinking?  No way, my hubs is pretty good about getting stuff done while we are gone.

I think I have our trip planned pretty well--sippy cups, snacks, toys, binkys, extra clothes.  The tough part is going to be the snack on the road.  Jack can't eat it in the car, so we will have to stop on the road somewhere, which I hate.  I hate fast food places, and don't want to just feed him in the backseat.  There are a couple of McDonald's on the way that are good places to stop.  Too bad their food is poison.

My game plan is to try and keep driving the whole time unless the hunger cries begin.  Maybe today he will eat a big lunch at daycare before I pick him up?  Hope so.

If we do have to stop I bought some trusty Earth's Best Organic Cereal Bars.  They get kind of messy, but they are a pretty tasty snack.  They mush up pretty nicely too.  Hopefully McDonald's won't mind.

Have you noticed that I've been talking about food a lot lately for Jack?  It is something that is always on the top of my mind.  I wish there was some kind of baby food resource out there for when babes start wanting to eat real food.  It's stressful.  I feel like a short order cook sometimes!

Anyone else feel my pain?

Oh well, it's Friday so who care, right?  Can't wait for our roadtrip and to see all the family and friends.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Yes- If you find an online resource for babies first starting food, let us know - I feel like I am clueless with this stuff now that it's time to move on to new things!