Monday, November 29, 2010

Good Deal: Happy Cyber Monday

I don't know about you, but I am already a bit stressed going into this holiday season.  There are a few new additions to our family to buy for, plus I don't know what to get everyone. What am I shopping for mostly?  TOYS.

I decided to stay in by the cozy fire on Friday instead of braving the trampling crowds on Black Friday.  I thought to myself, hey, maybe cyber Monday will help.

In checking out Amazon today, seems to be some fantastic deals coming our way...we just don't' know what they are yet as they will be announced throughout the day.  So far they have been announcing toys that are >40%.  It's going to be hard working all day and keeping track of these deals, but I'm so curious to see what they will be!
I checked out Target's cyber Monday specials and found them to be pathetic.  Seriously, put some toys up there!

Perhaps the cyber monday website will help.  Lots of free shipping offers included at Toys R Us when you spend $50.  That's not bad, but I have found a lot of the same toys for less money, like this cute tea set I'm thinking about for my niece, at Amazon.


I'll keep shopping and if I see any fantastic deal I'll post it.

As far as all of the adult gifts are concerned, I may just let my dear husband take care of those this year (after all, he did offer to do so the other night)!

Happy cyber shopping!

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