Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Only Monday?

Sorry for the late post today!

Whoa, what a day. It started out a little crazy and then got super crazy. I'm just now able to sit down and type a little something out.

First I had to take my car into the body shop to get repairs for the accident that happened a few weeks ago. No problem. I walked across the street to get my rental. Super easy, right?

Got to work and I'm working away. Get the dreaded call from daycare. It's pinkeye. Fabulous.

Pick up Jackson and head home. Multi-task like a pro. Play with baby, check email, feed baby, call into a conference call, give baby a bath, put baby down for a nap, work on a presentation, get baby up, go to the doctor.



Sit some more.

Doctor sees us an hour later.

Pink eye. Yes, we knew that, thanks doc. Get a prescription.

Take baby home and run up to Walgreens. It's going to be a half hour. Super. Buy some Dots.

Run home, give baby eye drops, play with baby, put baby to bed. Eat. Talk to MIL who is awesome for watching my sick kid-o tomorrow.

Get baby bag ready.

Sit. Pump. Yes, I'm still pumping.


Thinking about how I would like to post something fun this week...perhaps a fun surprise for my readers...

Until is a goodnight moon for you.

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