Friday, November 5, 2010

Losing It with a Frugal Working Mom

Happy Friday everyone.

I've been pretty fortunate to lose my baby weight fairly quickly. I attribute it to moderate exercise, not drinking much since having a baby, trying to save money by not eating out, and excessive pumping.

Despite my weight loss, I can tell there are still some "problem areas" I must address. And now that I'm about to get off of the pump (almost to my 6-month goal peeps), that pesky weight might sneak back on (hello my old friend red wine).

So let's outline the obstacles of losing weight while working full-time and having a baby:
-no time ever
-junk food at work (people are obsessed with cupcakes in my town)
-addicted to lattes (soy please)
-no dinero to spend on expensive healthier food or a fancy gym membership

Here is my strategy for staying fit while being a working mom with these obstacles:

1. Stock up on oats for breakfast. Just head on out to Costco and pick them up. This many oats will keep your tummy full for a freaking year. Don't be embarrassed about hauling them into work. Your co-workers are just jealous of your massive score.


2. Love that latte? Invest in a daily "skinny" latte for just pennies a day (right now if you go to Coffee House's website, you can get a 50 cents off coupon). Just add it to that crappy work coffee. It actually makes it tolerable to drink.


3. Staples. I always have cheap healthy snacks and water on hand. Dehydrated soups, natural peanut butter, and granola bars don't cost too much. I save fancy waters from my work meetings and drink it when I need a watery treat.


4. Come on. Block off your calendar over lunch and hit the gym. Don't make excuses. Luckily I work at a place with a gym. Not buying a gym membership also saves tons of cash.


There you have it. A few tips to get that lard off your butt. So get busy snacking right and hitting the elliptical. Hot mamas are coming back.


  1. I gotta admit these are all good ideas. Right now I am learning to be a mom to a school aged child so I have to either get up early and work out or do it after dinner but I usually have my own homework and go to bed late so lol I need to stop make up reasons and just start pulling soda from my diet and go strictly water...but soda is so sugary good!

  2. I too lost my baby weight rather quickly. Thanks to the failing gall bladder. Violent vomitting while recovering from a c-section... ugh I wish it on no one! However, I get healthy and it all started to come back on. :( Great tips. Good Luck!

    Following your blog from Bloggy Moms

  3. It's so hard to be healthy while having a little one, no matter what age! Staying away from soda does help a lot I think.

    So sorry to hear about your failing gall bladder Sara--I can't imagine. Hope you are doing better now!

    Thank you both for reading :)

  4. Following from BMs! I also lost a bunch of weight that I attributed to pumping. Your plan sounds great and if you can get lunch workouts in you are my hero! I also tried to focus on eating smaller portions since I did not need the extra calories for breastmilk.

  5. Thanks for posting - I am in the same boat - with a 6 month old finding no time to take care of myself. These are great tips and a little motivation for me to do something!

    Following you right back from bloggy moms. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  6. thanks for stopping by Remember Ember! Following you back! Can't wait to read more!