Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Christmas Tradition: Ornaments

People have all kinds of traditions when it comes to Christmas ornaments.

My parents had a pretty fun one.  They would buy a new Christmas ornament whenever we went on a vacation.  We had sailboat from Gulf Shores Alabama, a bear sleeping in a sleeping bag from Colorado, a Mickey Mouse from Disney World. I loved this tradition because every year when we looked at the Christmas tree we would remember our vacations. 

Since it's our first Christmas with Jackson, I thought I would start a new tradition.  Every year "Santa" is going to give Jackson a new ornament in his stocking (if it will fit).

This one from Macy's would be appropriate to give Jackson as I seem to always sing him Rudolf the red nose reindeer.  I know right, poor baby.


I don't like this one so much. I would hate to be reminded of all those bottles I had to wash when he was a baby.


Now, next year is when the fun really begins. I plan on buying the most funky, fantastic ornaments I can find. I think it will be hit every year.  Maybe one like this!  Gosh I loved that movie.

A Christmas Story Pink Bunny ornament 

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