Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring is Near! Stripes are the Ticket

I am one of those lucky people that got President's Day of work today.  Heck yes it was fabulous having a day off.  I'm also fortunate to have a daycare that was open...which could only mean one thing...mama went on a mini-spring shopping spree.  Seriously, this day off is just about the only time I have to go out for a couple of hours to grab a few must-haves for spring.  I decided to omit any mommy guilt my outing because I literally have no clothes since I was pregnant last spring!

I ran around town hitting up some of my fav stores.  One message was clear:  it's all about stripes this year.  They were everywhere.  I decided to go along with the latest trend by picking up some fun striped pieces.

For just under $100 I brought striped sun dress, one skirt, one pair of flats, one striped cardigan, one round neck t-shirt, one long sleeve striped shirt, and one pair of cute jean shorts.  Can you say bargain shopper?

Here are a few affordable online finds I came across too...I really love the stripe on top of floral look.  I think this season it's even acceptable to do some stripe on stripe action.

image via Forever 21

Rolled Slub Knit Cardigan for $22.90

Here's a sweet striped sundress at Target for only $20.  Might as well pick it up when you are grabbing those Pampers, right?
So there you have it; I highly recommend all working moms take advantage of a day off once in a while to treat yourself to some well-deserved stripes!

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